Blaming the Wrong People for Censorship

For my Activist Project I wanted to look into more in the recent on line movements about fans of niche games wanting to end what2013-10-21-webcensorship they consider censorship and how they are going about in the wrong way. I chose this topic because I am a part of the community of fans of these niche games and I constantly see how they are going about the problem in the wrong way and blaming the wrong people for what is going on. The issue is about how video games from Japan are having sexual content form them removed when they are released in western countries and many people have assumed the reason was related to feminist complaining about the games. While it is easy to just think that the problem is so simple and easy to fix but the reality of the situation is much more different that. The main reason why these changes are made is because the differences in what we find is acceptable to be in a sexual content compared to Japan and these localization companies have to remove the content in order for it be released in the west.

While I was already involved in the community of games and some previous information I did more looking into the localization process and tried to get the input of other members of the community. one of the most interesting things I found was an informal interview from a somewhat controversial localization editor who many claim to believe he is the reason for the changes of a certain series.  It was interesting since along with the complaints against removing content from games was there was another complaint against other parts of the localization process such as they feel that the translation isn’t accurate however most of the time its not and the changes were made so that a western gamer would be able to understand a lot of jokes or references that were made in the original Japanese release. There was another post from a former worker at a localization company that goes more in depth to the other aspects of the localization process and how much time and money everything cost to release it and how it’s not a simple process that people think it is.

When I tried to talk to other members of the on line community about their views on the situation there and tried to talk about how it is not just feminists complaining and the company trying to make them happy. while some of the time it was a normal peaceful conversation but it wasn’t always like that. Most of the time it would lead to me being called different insults or send me a link this image and trying to twist what I was mentioning in the conversation. I guess that having my  original plans to create a video and uploading on line didn’t work might have been a blessing in disused. I did the recording of everything I needed to but I was having issues with my editing software and lost some of the progress I made on completing it. I would ultimately  deiced that it wouldn’t be worth the trouble of trying to salvage it and upload it for the members of that community since they already made their minds and don’t seem to want to change it. which is kind of sad since one of the reasons why these companies have decided to no longer to release any of the games that would need to be censored in the localization process was their reaction to it. Back in 2014 during the controversy of censoring monster monpiece, the CEO of the localization company mentioned that they felt that it might have been a mistake to try and release the game at all since a lot of their fans voiced the opinion that they would rather not have the game at all if anything was to be censored from it.

I honestly don’t think this project changed my views on activism. pretty much the topic I chose wasn’t the most important of issues regarding anything except for a small group of people who play niche games and I didn’t even was able to finish and upload the video I wanted to make. I honestly don’t think it would have changed anyone’s mind since the people heavily involved in the issue have a very anti-feminism view point and nothing would change their mind when you try to show them that its not just feminist complaints about games and complaining about them on line wouldn’t make the companies release their games. the main reason why they don’t want to release them is because they can’t avoid making changes and they would be receiving constant complaints about how they “sided” with the feminists.

I know that activism doesn’t need to be some large event and has to bring out a lot of changes. I have been involved in a few protests in the past that were involving more important issues in the world than about video games and I guess this project did help me actually learn that it doesn’t need to be this large movement or always involve some large problem. I also think that I should have tried to make sure I have everything set and backed up all of my work multiple times when dealing with editing a video project since I could have done it a better way and have it actually done. 



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