Feminist Activism Video

This video is soon to be released. I am currently waiting on one more applicant waiver. The video was cast in Miami beach and displays what it means to be a woman or a marginalized group. This videos purpose was to explore how mainstream society views women and minorities. I simply ask a series of questions to different candidates, and allow the viewer to create his own views about how society treats women. It also highlights how women feel. The video was taken by the beach because I wanted to understand why people behave differently in a beach setting, and what makes it more acceptable to behave differently. The video does a lot to highlight where our society needs to head in the future in order to fight for womens’ rights. I try to speak as little as possible because I want to allow people to feel free to express themselves and express society. Overall I think this video will do great good in creating activism and pushing young people to fight for all marginalized groups.


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