Hymy Cohen: Equality Activist Through Sports



Hymy interviewing Joe Louis, Heavyweight Champion in the 1940’s


Hymy interviewing Joe Louis, Heavyweight Champion in the 1940’s

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Hymy interviewing Joe Louis, Heavyweight Champion in the 1940’s

Hymy Cohen was a longtime sports editor of The Evening Capital, a coach of recreational sports, and the founder of the Annapolis City Recreation Department in 1950. This department was the first integrated sports league in Annapolis.

We decided to do our activist history project on Hyman (Hymy) Cohen due to the influential nature of his life achievements. Since we ourselves were inspired by his accomplishments, we wanted to educate others in hope that more will become inspired. As our primary source, we interviewed Hymy’s son, Joe Cohen, who is Jessica’s father. Joe was an informational source because he grew up with Hymy’s influential presence in the Annapolis community. In addition, Joe was able to show us some personal artifacts, including pictures of Hymy in action, the trophies from some of Hymy’s awards, and clippings of articles both those written by Hymy and about Hymy. Some of these artifacts can be seen in the pictures below.

Quote from Joe Cohen:

“When I was young, Grandpa would take me to high school football and basketball games at the negro high school, Bates High School.  To me, it wasn’t different from the other schools he took me to.  They all played the same game.  He used his position at “The Evening Capital“, now known as The Capital to publicize the athletic accomplishments of all, regardless of race or religion.”
From the large amount of involvement that Hymy had in Annapolis, you could classify him as an inclusive and active member of the community. His work took major strides towards the acceptance of integration and equality by utilizing his influential status in his publicly viewed position as a sports writer. Everyone can use Hymy as a motivational example on getting involved by utilizing what you have in your skillset. 

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