Sex differences between men and women

Sex differences between men and women Click here!


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This project is about the concept of double standards about the sexual activity differences between men and women. This issue is important to discuss because one of the biggest discussions today is the ability for women to be able to decide what to do with their bodies and for all individuals to be able to love who they want, how they want, and to be treated equal. However, when the subject of a women’s level or amount of sexual activity is involved, women are not equal to men. For example, women are scrutinized for having a high level of sexual activity whereas a man is glorified for having multiple partners. Another example, is the decision for a woman to remain “untouched” has in some ways been seen as “the right way/ society approved” in which she saves herself for marriage or in other ways as “the not yet society approved way” in which the man feels as though she is not experienced enough. This subject matters because many people fight for the right for a woman to be able to decide what to do with her body and then contradict themselves when sexual activity becomes a variable.


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