As a UMBC student, I’m sure you’ve expressed frustration amongst your friends and about not having enough options to eat on campus. If it is not a lack of options, it is the lack of healthy options. I don’t know about you but an activist has got to eat!

My project inspiration is UMBC and healthy food. UMBC is a culturally diverse campus which means there are a litany of languages, dresses and delicacies that converge here. My project’s main aim is to motivate my peers to eat healthier!   My original idea was to tackle weightloss on campus but that proved difficult and turned political.  

Food is the body’s fuel. It determines how much energy we have, it shapes what our body’s look like, it also plays a key role in our moods and how we learn.I have created a list of tried and tested (YUM!) recipes whose origin range from Nigeria to Greece. All food options are healthy and delicious (as confirmed by me). I’ve also included vegan and gluten free options. I decided to undertake this project because I thought it was fun. Being a self-proclaimed foodie I wanted to share some knowledge I have gathered through my years of research and trial and error. I discovered meals that I believe everyone would find useful. We can learn about how to take better care of ourselves through what we eat.

A Menu Around The World

A Globetrotter’s Menu

Breakfast in Nigeria


Moi Moi and boiled eggs

Recipe here

Lunch in Korea


Chicken Yakitori

Recipe here

Dinner in Greece


Chickpeas and Spinach

Recipe here

Dessert in Mexico




Recipe here

Better Baked

Sides and starters to try! They’re all baked to avoid extra calories from frying.

Sweet n Crunchy


Sweet Crunchy Potato Fries

Recipe here

Good To The Bone


Chicken Wings

Recipe here

A personal fav!

Savory Zucchini


Zucchini Patties

Recipe here 

For me, in creating my project, I was so tired of being limited to boring healthy foods. I would encourage everyone to do their own research, be excited to explore new tastes and lastly, stay healthy! We’re all in this together, please feel free to comment on the recipes. Here are some other websites you can check out

Disclaimer: Check for food allergies before trying these recipes. None of the pictures were taken by me.


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