I started a blog!

Hello people of the world and beyond! My name is Amy Cruz, new Gender+Women’s Studies Major! I want to tell you about my Activist project for the wonderful class, Feminist Activism. Here’s some background: I have anxiety and depression. It is hard to me to speak out or speak up, let alone get out of bed sometimes. Taking part in Activism is hard for me.

Of course, throughout the semester, I have learned that Activism is much more than marching, or speaking at rallies, on the front lines of change. Activism is simply expressing one’s values, which I have become better at in recent years. Examples include: Dying my hair every color of the rainbow, posting whatever I want on social media regardless of backlash, and even speaking up in conversations regarding gender norms, or feminism overall.

The thing is, when I heard about the feminist activist assignment, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to start an event, or be “on the front lines” of activism, at least not yet. So, I decided to start a blog, which I wanted to do before because I can talk about whatever I want, whenever I want.

In the beginning of this project, the goal was to post about twice a week, about anything. I also wanted to attend any event that I could, and write about it. I realized that I was not able to accomplish this entirely. With workload and personal problems, I was not able to attend as many events as I wanted originally. In some cases, my anxiety had me too stressed, or my depression did not allow me to move out of bed. I did however attend the International Women’s day talk, and a few other talks.

Having a blog allows me a space to type out what I am feeling, what I want to say. I have talked about my mental illness, immigration, sleep, even more personal things. I ended up posting only a handful of blog posts, but the point is- I have my own space to vent, to inform, to entertain. I will not stop blogging, I want to try to blog on a more regular basis.

This project was more of a personal adventure for me. I think it is important to talk about activism in a more personal way, rather than the stereotype of marching and speaking in large crowds, because not everyone can to that. I want to be a part of the change, but I am much comfortable away from the pedestal.

This amazing class and the amazing Dr. Kate taught me that activism can be anything- as long as you believe in it. In these past few months, I have grown, I am more expressive, I care less about what people think about me, and I know that I want to change the world- in anyway that I can. From a simple blog post, to a correction in a conversation, I am an activist, a Colorful Activist.

One thought on “I started a blog!

  1. Hi! I also started my blog to fulfill a course requirement. Like you, I’m hoping to continue beyond the initial requirement and continue to blog about what is important to me. Something that is easier said then done, when I get busy. From your blog above, I know you can relate!

    Best wishes to you as you find ways to be an activist! I want to be more involved too, so my goal is to go beyond signing petitions that I find on social media to sending personal comments to elected officials or governmental agencies.

    Take care!

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