A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender

When choosing a topic for our project, we originally were going to cover the gender wage gap. As we started to look into the wage gap we felt that taking an artistic approach would be hard to accomplish. Therefore, we decided to change our topic to the hyper-sexualization of women of color, stigmas around women sexuality and norms present in our society. As a result, we decided to shift to a wider world view and ended up choosing to focus on India. India is a specific example that helps us paint an extreme picture of how women are sexualized in their environment. The extreme examples allow us to tap into deep emotion that could promote individuals to become activist on this issue. Our goal is to raise awareness as some of the stigmas and norms concerning women and their sexuality are deeply rooted in society. By shedding light on this hopefully will make people feel comfortable enough to begin discussing it with each other and ultimately start putting forth changes which solve these problems at the roots.


Initially, most of us believed that activism implied getting involved in protests, rallies, etc.  Activism is a common word used to refer to many outspoken members of society, however, none of us had truly grasped what activism really meant. After taking this class and working on our project we have learned what activism truly is. We have realized activism can be of any capacity. From day to day activism to philanthropic pursuit. Now after taking the class and working as a group to understand what activism meant to us, we learned that activism doesn’t always require a lot of involvement. Many forms of activism take place in our everyday lives it can even be as small as starting a conversation with somebody on that issue. Activism does not always have to be conducted in a generic protesting way. Activism can be expressed through art, music, dance, literature, etc. Feeling inspired by the power of video making and activism, we decided to create a poetic video. We felt that if we expressed our beliefs and thoughts through a poem it would be a very intimate and emotion evoking. By spending more time on the syntax of the message, it helped us convey an extremely powerful message that may usually be associated with much larger forms of activism. We were able to incorporate what we love, art and video-making, to deliver a message about what we believed in – Brilliant!


If we had to do this project again we really wouldn’t make any major changes. The biggest change would be to create posters/graphics that we could display across campus to help reach a larger audience. We would also include a QR code that will include our video in as well as more resources for anyone wanting to take part as an activist.

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