A new movement of activism: Jezebel


      As social interactions become more technologically based, activism has also begun to follow this path. From blogging to live streaming of protests, anyone from around the world can understand and comprehend an activist movements. But every year there are millions of activism project and movements, often times getting washed over due to their lack of shares, likes, or followers. In this competitive field, it is imperative that a social movement finds an approach that is totally unique to its own, and  it able to gain notoriety. We wanted to find a form of activism that continues to stay relevant week after week. A great example of this is Jezebel. Jezebel is a “blog geared towards women, under the tagline, ‘Celebrity, sex, fashion for women. Without airbrushing.” At first, when people visit this site it may look like a celebrity gossip site, and it is. Jezebel aims to take news on celebrities and popular politicians to critique the sexism and discrimination that is occurring. About a couple times a week, Jezebel has an article that goes viral, due to its controversial content. Most recently, when Lena Dunham posed on the cover of Vogue with airbrushed photos, Jezebel sought to find the untouched photos of the cover, and were willing to pay up to $10,000 for these prized photos. When researching Jezebel, we sought to find information in regards to the founders of this blog and why they formed this website. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any relevant information in regards to this blog. We simply found information on their controversial articles and stances that has sent waves across social media. The most important aspect of this story is that they are making activism and feminism more interesting and consumable to the masses. They do this by targeting popular culture, and critiquing it in an humorful light, making it understandable and entertaining to audiences. It is effectively sending out their message and become influential throughout the feminist movement. Jezebel, is a perfect example on how to brand a social movement to becoming popular and influential in the future. It teaches everyone how to find a common aspect that everyone has in common, and using it to spread your message. Though, finding your niche on how to take on your social movement is difficult, once you find your approach, that is when you become most successful.