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For my activist project this semester, I decided to focus on issues with cyberbullying, catfishing, and online privacy. I had heard of these issues before and was familiar with some of them; however, it was not until February of 2016 that I knew that this is what I want to do my project on.

I had received a text message in February from a friend of mine, saying that he had gotten a friend request from a girl by the name of Sarah Mills, but the profile picture of the account, was of me. Confused and worried, I quickly looked up the account and panicked as soon as I found it. She was not only using a picture of me as her profile picture, but she had also managed to find several other pictures of me and post them on her page as well. Continue reading

Mass Incarceration in Baltimore

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By: Mariana and Christina

Mass incarceration emerged nationwide with jailing citizens at unprecedented amounts during Reagan’s war on drugs in the late 1980s. It was further encouraged, supported, and fueled by mandatory sentencing minimums for drug possession and many more correctional facilities opening under the Clinton administration in 1990s. Specifically in the Baltimore community, governor Martin O’Malley had a tremendous impact on the rates of incarceration with his zero tolerance policy. In 2005, under Martin O’Malley’s zero tolerance policy, there were 108,000 arrests in Baltimore City. The total city population at the time was 620,000. Continue reading