Sexual assault on college campuses

Sexual assault on college campuses

For my activism project, I made a website (Link below) to educate and share stories of sexual assault victims to create an environment for people to share their experiences through the comment section. My first blog post was a story from a fellow UMBC student who shared her story. This blog is very important to me because it is about a topic that I care deeply about. I think it is so important to have more conversations about sexual assault in college campuses because as the banner says above, 1 in 4 women will experience date rape or attempted one during their time in college which should not be acceptable.

Throughout this project, my relationship to activism changed a lot. I always thought activism was about marching, protesting and something grand and big. I never thought I had enough stance or voice to participate in my own activism. However, as Dr. Kate said, activism can be through everyday action. Although making this blog was something pretty small, it really made me feel like I was participating to make a world a better place, and I’ve learned that I can do activism that way and that it doesn’t need to be this huge fancy event.






Duff’s Activism

We did our research on Duff Goldman. He is an executive chef of Charm City Cake Shop. We picked him as our topic because he had a big influence in Baltimore. He graduated from UMBC and even though he moved to LA he came back to Baltimore because he believed that his
 roots were in Baltimore. His food network show called Ace of Cakes brought a lot of people to Baltimore and gained popularity in the area. Duff Goldman was very involved in charity work and activism. In his interview with Baltimore Sun, he mentions that he is a supporter of LGBT movement. In his interview, he said “Do we want a country where people can be turned away for their race, their religion, their sexual orientation or their gender identity? I don’t”.

He uses his large platform to speak out about different social injustices. He believes in charitable giving and gives frequently to organizations like Make a Wish Foundation, Habitat for humanity, save a child’s heart and lower east side’s girls club. It wasn’t difficult to find information on him since he is such a popular figure even on screen. He also had his own website where we found a lot of information about his charity work. The story’s importance is that he uses his platform to do activism. He also uses his work to bring in tourists to Baltimore.


Duff Goldmans site: