Bunny Business: Changing Perspective with a Picture


Lets’s say you come across a couple protesters in the street. They yell in your face about the horrors scientists perform on animals everyday in order for people to get involved in their movement. They show you graphic images of innocent and abused animals. It strikes something in your heart but you are too afraid to get involved. In-your-face protesting is one way to get people involved but how about people that tend to stay behind the scenes? Continue reading

The Woman Behind Gandhi (Not His Wife)

When we were asked to look back into the past and find some kind of lesser known activism in history, I got a bit stuck. Before this class I was not very interested in any kind of activism; I tend to stay neutral in many situations and I like it. I don’t really resonate with any sort of activism. I did some research and ended up pretty far back—at least it feels like it. I started by looking at big movements and then I came across something I never get tired of learning about: Gandhi’s peace efforts against the British. I knew I was off-topic but I kept reading. I began to read more about his life before India. He was a lawyer in South Africa working against apartheid. Then BAM! She appeared. “Who,” you might ask?

I’m talking about Sonja Schlesin, of course!


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