Affordable Health and Reproductive Care Awareness!

Our project focused on spreading awareness of affordable health and reproductive care options for students. As a group, we created a few pamphlets that described the options students had available to them, both on and off campus, for general health care, mental health and addiction services, and reproductive care. Continue reading


Feminism in Medical School!

Mary_Elizabeth_Garrett   mary

Before Mary Elizabeth Garrett and the Women’s Fund Committee funded the opening of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1893, women were not allowed to attend Johns Hopkins University to pursue a degree. Women were allowed to be present for public lectures, however the president of the university did not believe it was appropriate for women to be accepted to the university on an equal basis with men. This changed after Johns Hopkins was unable to open their medical school in 1889 due to lack of funding, as their B&O Railroad stock stopped paying dividends before the project started, prompting Mary Elizabeth Garrett and the ladies of the Women’s Fund Committee to fund the medical school on the basis that women would be accepted on the same terms as men. In the first class of the medical school, three of the students were women out of eighteen total students. Continue reading