Council of Clubs.

Targeted Problem: UMBC student organizations do not communicate effectively between each other and administration   

Open communication among organizations and administration would promote…

  • diverse opinions, which can lead to more refined answers
  • a more united campus life
  • a space for critical conversations
  • more aware administration
  • more effective use of university money
  • the empowerment of younger student organizations
  • the revitalization of dormant student organizations
  • the teaching of diversity, privilege and respect
  • healthy competition
  • more creative solutions to common problems
  • bigger and better events
  • a more refined student organization system

With this in mind, I hoped to create a council of clubs. In this council, there would be representatives from vastly diverse groups of student organizations. The council would provide a space for the student organizations to speak together in person and collaborate.

However, after much deliberate effort, the project came to a stall.

Despite the failure to launch the project, there was definite success.

Personal Accomplishments:

  • Greater understanding of SGA processes and student life on campus
  • Important connections to campus leaders and staff
    • For example, I got to work closely with Virginia Bryne, the director of student leadership on campus.
  • Able to observe others leadership techniques and refine my own strategies (ex- working backwards to create deadlines for a calendar schedule, making sure everyone is aware of the clear game plan at the conclusion of the meeting)
  • Investigated highly important questions
    • how do you sell an idea? create buy-in?

Community Accomplishments:

  • There are student leaders who are aware of the concept and hope to pick it up for the future
    • The fact that students are interested in this makes it more likely to take off as a success.
  • Tested the reception of the council of clubs concept
    • Student body was interested

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