Sustainability Matters


Activism is hard. That is the main thing I’ve learned from this process. Anything and everything can go wrong at anytime and you can be right back to square one. When this project was assigned, I initially intended to create a documentary style short about the lack of pay for college basketball players in Power 5 conferences. I planned to interview players and administrative staff from UMBC Basketball but quickly, this became impossible with the rapid success of the men’s basketball team through March Madness. Upon learning that developing a project around pay in college basketball was no longer possible, I looked to make on  sustainability at UMBC. The plan was to design new signage for trash cans and recycle bins that clearly explain what is supposed to be disposed where but, as soon as the designing began, I noticed that Sustainability Matters, the campuses sustainability initiative, was already ahead of me. Back to square one, I looked to combine my previous concepts together by creating a video that advocates on behalf of Sustainability Matters, informs the campus of the sustainability initiatives that are in place, and offer some suggested improvements to the campus’ sustainability plan through recycling.

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