Cupcakes for Wage Equality

My Activism project is about educating people about the pay gap between various genders and races of the human population. I participated with the WILL group’s Pay Equity Day bake sale and help them out with it. The premise of this activism is simple; we would host a bake sale about the wage gap between Americans and sell baked goods to individuals based on what they self identify as. We also stated when we talked to individuals we did not have adequate data about non-binary individuals. Also, we noted that the data we had for this bake sale was outdated, but it was the most recent information we could find.


This is just an example of the data we used for the wage gap poster that we used for people to self-identify and to pay for the baked goods from. For example, the default $1.00 would be White men, which we would get from the average weekly earnings of men/ the default, which would = $986/$986 = $1.00. We did this for all of the values, and were able to make a chart from this.



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The Tale of Three Sisters


Originally, I was at a loss of what I could possibly do for my activist project, but then I remembered my grandmother-in-law. Unfortunately, due to complications between my grandmother-in-law, her two sisters, and the Federal Government, I cannot mention their names nor the photographs of the interviews. They were very conservative about this documentary being on the Internet, or any social media sites – which was my original intent.

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Activism Through Performance: The Vagina Monologues


For my activist project, I decided to perform in the UMBC Women Involved in Learning and Leadership production of The Vagina Monologues. Prior to deciding to audition, I did not know much about the show. I had heard it references in popular culture occasionally and knew that it was a very “feminist thing,” simply because of the title. After doing some research, I learned about the purpose and mission of the production. Ending the stigma around the word “vagina,” empowering people with a vagina to taking ownership of their own sexuality, and starting a dialogue about sexuality and basic body parts seemed like a worthy cause to me. As someone with an interest in open sexuality and theater, this seemed like the perfect project for me to participate in. Continue reading

WE WANT OUR $15!!!!

What is fight for 15?


Fight for $15 began in New York back in 2012. Fast food workers were making $8.50 an hour – this is wayway below the poverty line!Workers at McDonalds and various other fast food joints had enough and began going on strike! No one realized that #FightFor15 would become an huge international movement. Fast food employees want minimum wage to be raised to $15, as well as the right to unionize.In our studies, we found that it very hard to survive when you only make 7-8 dollars. This movement was important to our group because this issue affects our generation more heavily than others. The average age of a fast food worker is 27.  Many college students have to work long hours for little pay, and we are tired of it! And you know who else is tired of it, the millions of people that have bills to pay and mouths to feed.


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Equality in cupcake form


I remember my first day of class, eagerly sitting in my seat-my eyes scanning the syllabus intrigued as to what would be required of us for the spring semester.  I remember initially feeling out of place.  Activism itself was foreign to me, and getting involved spurred up even more feelings of disconnection.  Personally I have always been a typical shy and introverted person.  My ultimate goal in high school was to remain unnoticed by literally everyone-mostly because interaction usually or eventually comes with conflict. Obviously as I have grown older, my social skills have gone up but a few characteristics still linger. Continue reading