Women’s Representation in Comic Books

Taylor Moore and I were very excited when we came up with the idea for this project. A final project about something we actually cared about? That’s amazing! We couldn’t wait to share our ideas of how to better women’s representation in the comic book and graphic novel formats. As avid comic book readers, we wanted to feel like we were welcome in the community, and we agree that the objectification of women in comic books only turns female readers away and makes them feel unimportant and unwanted.

During the early stages, while Taylor was sketching and I was researching, we began promoting our project to anyone and everyone we could: friends, classmates, convention goers, Tumblr followers. This project is still a work in progress; we’ve finished two redesigns with the hopes of doing one or two more over the summer. While we would have loved to have done an actual book for this project like we have been planning, we made the decision to cut the project down to pamphlets due to costs and time. Although we’re worried that there will be pushback and/or a  lack of interest in this project, we hope that those who do enjoy it spread the word about our project.

Taylor and I will  be posting the rest of our project here periodically over the summer, but anyone who’s particularly interested in the artwork can follow Taylor’s art blog here. For other information about the project, feel free to contact myself (Lauren Woehrer) at my blog here. In the meantime, the work we have done can be found under the cut. We hope you enjoy them!

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