Not 1 Not 0 – A Non-Binary Booklet for Everyone

aldfhlajThe activist project I’ve decided to create is a booklet detailing what non-binary means in terms of gender identity. The main goal was to make it friendly and easy to understand, so that people who had little idea of gender beyond “man and woman” could get a feel for what it meant. I personally feel that getting more exposure to these ideas is critical, because for many people, coming out as non-binary is complicated even more because they need to explain what it is in the first place. Non-binary identities do not have the same general/cultural “base” that words like gay, lesbian, or even transgender do.

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Unequal Pay in the U.S.


My activist project during the semester was to set out on an attempt to spread awareness on inequality regarding gender within institutions and workplaces in the United States. Over the course of completing my project, my actual focus changed several times. Initially my goal was to look at inequalities within the legal system. I changed this focused because I felt it was too narrow and I changed it to focus on a broader scope of inequalities within the United States. Continue reading

The Exploration of Transphobia in Feminist Works

From the time that I was introduced to The Vagina Monologues during my freshman year of college, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the production one day. Although UMBC’s Women in Learning and Leadership offered annual opportunities to perform in the production, I was always unable to participate due to time constraints. I eventually came to understand the transphobic implications of the production, so when I was able to be a part of it, I was conflicted about being seen as supporting this piece of feminist activism, especially as a person who identifies with the transgender community. As I learned more about being an activist, however, I realized that if I wanted to see change, I would have to create it, which is exactly what I set out to do by performing in The Vagina Monologues and a constructive discussion about its trans-exclusionary undertones.

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Public Mental Health and Sexual Minorities

For my activism project, I decided to attempt to make Baltimore Crisis Response (BCRI) a more queer- and trans-friendly public mental health provider. I have worked at Baltimore Crisis Response for a number of years as a counselor.

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Adventures in Potty Training

As with any situation one must always acknowledge their own privileges, including those that are hard to recognize. As members of the cisgender community it was difficult to understand the daily issue that arises for the gender queer community in terms of what bathroom to use. Before the commencement of this project, others, such as members of QUMBC and Lee Calizo, Director of Student Life, had already begun to tackle this issue on UMBC’s campus to provide a safe space for those who did not feel comfortable in our gendered bathrooms. Since Fall 2011 the first pair of gender neutral bathrooms were set up in the Commons’ lower level, one located near the Yum Shoppe and the Women’s Center; the other located at the bottom of the steps on the same level. Continue reading