If You Push A Panther Into A Corner


The Black Power movement of the 1960s is marked as one of the extraordinary pillars in the History of the United States. Decades of social norms were reformed and through this movement many brave activists were created and are now idolized for their bravery and some for their radicalism. The Black power movement gave birth the Huey P. Newton’s Black Panthers.

Huey P. Newton, a man born to a poor family during the climax of African American migration to the mid west/west, received poor education as well as discriminated because of the color of his skin. He educated himself after High school and taught himself to read. In the mid-1960s, Newton sought an education at Merritt College and that is where he met Bobby Seale. The both of them joined forced and founded their own political group called the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

This type of group was very unique for its time because “unlike many of the other social and political organizers of the time, they took a militant stance, advocating the ownership of guns by African Americans, and were often seen brandishing weapons”(The Biography Channel, 2014) .

Huey P. Newton advocated activism in his actions and ideology, especially around that time where African Americans were beaten and mistreated. Newton comes from a poor background and gathers a group of people and seeks change. During that time for an African American to seek change and to attack violence and hostility in kind was an unprecedented event.  “The group believed that violence—or the threat of violence—might be needed to bring about social change. They set forth their political goals in a document called the Ten-Point Program, which included better housing, jobs, and education for African Americans. It also called for an end to economic exploitation of black communities. Still the organization itself was not afraid to punctuate its message with a show of force. For example, to protest a gun bill in 1967, Newton and other members of the Panthers entered the California Legislature fully armed. The action was a shocking one that made news across the country. And Newton emerged as a leading figure in the black militant movement”(The Biography Channel, 2014) . This activist led his group to not only influence change for them but he contended for worldwide change. He pushed for better education, housing and jobs for African Americans everywhere.

The time period was crucial for everyone who was African American. Clawing for any iota of equality.  A lot of people were attacked . Even today pictures of a bloody beating and lynching roam the internet and some people took a peaceful pacifistic approach to attacks but that Huey Newton and Bobby Seal gathered together and tried to get the people armed and aware. That ability to “rally the troops” for a cause that affects so many and will be precedented in time is amazing to me. That is truly what makes Huey Newton a great activist.