Adventures in Potty Training

As with any situation one must always acknowledge their own privileges, including those that are hard to recognize. As members of the cisgender community it was difficult to understand the daily issue that arises for the gender queer community in terms of what bathroom to use. Before the commencement of this project, others, such as members of QUMBC and Lee Calizo, Director of Student Life, had already begun to tackle this issue on UMBC’s campus to provide a safe space for those who did not feel comfortable in our gendered bathrooms. Since Fall 2011 the first pair of gender neutral bathrooms were set up in the Commons’ lower level, one located near the Yum Shoppe and the Women’s Center; the other located at the bottom of the steps on the same level. Continue reading

Religious Queeries: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stress

This semester I wanted to leave one last love letter to UMBC.

As a graduating senior, this program was to be that letter, the first of its kind at UMBC, and I wanted it to succeed. I chose to create, coordinate and implement a campus wide program that partnered with six campus organizations and five off campus institutions to address the intersectionality of faith and sexual identity. I had to coordinate competing tasks, maintain strong lines of communication with various constituencies, and build ties to the surrounding Baltimore community.

It was one of the most overwhelming projects I have ever undertaken.

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