Volunteering and New Ways of Doing Activism

Initially, I planned out an ambitious activist project, which consisted of collecting pads and tampons for homeless women, from the students of UMBC. Despite the initial rush I felt at coming up with an idea that I felt fit the definition of activism perfectly, my project soon crashed and burned because of inadequate preparation and awareness of exactly what I needed to do. This was a disappointing blow for me, but as the semester went on and I learned more about activism, both from GWST 200 and from the actions of others around me, especially with regard to the events in Baltimore, I realized that something else I was doing throughout this spring counted as activism. That is, it was something that was effecting positive change, even though it was not on a relatively large scale and did not immediately seem radical. Continue reading

Shining a light on human trafficking

I had no clue which project to take on for this class.  I wasn’t particularly passionate about any one topic which prevented me from finding an activist project.  Luckily for me, the staff at Susquehanna Hall decided to take on a social change project for the semester.  Later named P.A.T.H. (People Against the Trafficking of Humans), the project had the goal to raise awareness of human trafficking.  Collectively we wanted the residents of Susquehanna to not only learn about the issue but to also partake in helping survivors.

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