DIY Women’s Health Expo

ImageI’m the one to usually jump at any opportunity that is presented to me. I have a bit of a problem saying no or restraining myself. When I attended one of my first WILL meetings in September of 2012, one of the co-leaders asked the group if any of us wanted to head UMBC’s first Women’s Health Expo. Without thinking about it, I said yes and thus began my activism.

To me, activism means making people aware of a certain topic or problem. Personally, I don’t care enough about my body and health as I should. I don’t think I know enough about my body and health either. If I don’t care or know, then I don’t doubt that there are some people out there who face the same problem I do. I found an event like this ideal to learn more about myself as well as what I can do to better my body or what I can pay more attention to.

Here is a DIY guide on how you can host your own Women’s Health Expo:

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UMBC Confessions

This year in Feminist Activist Class I learned how powerful a camera, YouTube, and your amazing classmates can really be.

With the help of my classmates, I created a response video to the UMBC Confessions page on twitter. We just simply read these tweets out loud. I wanted people to hear these posts and to create awareness about how powerful our words can be. The reality is that whether these tweets are jokes or not, this language contributes to rape culture. This is not just a campus problem, but a problem within our culture.

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