Cupcakes for Wage Equality

My Activism project is about educating people about the pay gap between various genders and races of the human population. I participated with the WILL group’s Pay Equity Day bake sale and help them out with it. The premise of this activism is simple; we would host a bake sale about the wage gap between Americans and sell baked goods to individuals based on what they self identify as. We also stated when we talked to individuals we did not have adequate data about non-binary individuals. Also, we noted that the data we had for this bake sale was outdated, but it was the most recent information we could find.


This is just an example of the data we used for the wage gap poster that we used for people to self-identify and to pay for the baked goods from. For example, the default $1.00 would be White men, which we would get from the average weekly earnings of men/ the default, which would = $986/$986 = $1.00. We did this for all of the values, and were able to make a chart from this.



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Unequal Pay for Women

4b5c084768545c4695d4This issue of pay inequality is a personal one for me because I grew up in a family of mostly women, who struggled to earn what they were worth for their jobs. Like so many other people in this country, I didn’t realize (until I took this class), that the wage gap still exists today.

For my activism project, I created brochures about the pay inequality between men and women in America. Myself and a couple of friends handed out the brochures at the Baltimore Inner Harbor on the weekend of April 6th-7th before Equal Pay Day. My main reason for doing this was to raise awareness. My brochure included facts on what pay equity is, how large the wage gap is (women still earn 77 cents to every man’s dollar), who is effected, how the wage gap has changed over time, why there are pay disparities, what individuals can do to help even out the wage gap and links and resources that give additional information. I also posted many links on Facebook leading up to Equal Pay Day on information related to the pay inequality in America. Some of these links include; , , , and

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