Cupcakes for Wage Equality

My Activism project is about educating people about the pay gap between various genders and races of the human population. I participated with the WILL group’s Pay Equity Day bake sale and help them out with it. The premise of this activism is simple; we would host a bake sale about the wage gap between Americans and sell baked goods to individuals based on what they self identify as. We also stated when we talked to individuals we did not have adequate data about non-binary individuals. Also, we noted that the data we had for this bake sale was outdated, but it was the most recent information we could find.


This is just an example of the data we used for the wage gap poster that we used for people to self-identify and to pay for the baked goods from. For example, the default $1.00 would be White men, which we would get from the average weekly earnings of men/ the default, which would = $986/$986 = $1.00. We did this for all of the values, and were able to make a chart from this.



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Activism Through Performance: The Vagina Monologues


For my activist project, I decided to perform in the UMBC Women Involved in Learning and Leadership production of The Vagina Monologues. Prior to deciding to audition, I did not know much about the show. I had heard it references in popular culture occasionally and knew that it was a very “feminist thing,” simply because of the title. After doing some research, I learned about the purpose and mission of the production. Ending the stigma around the word “vagina,” empowering people with a vagina to taking ownership of their own sexuality, and starting a dialogue about sexuality and basic body parts seemed like a worthy cause to me. As someone with an interest in open sexuality and theater, this seemed like the perfect project for me to participate in. Continue reading

DIY Women’s Health Expo

ImageI’m the one to usually jump at any opportunity that is presented to me. I have a bit of a problem saying no or restraining myself. When I attended one of my first WILL meetings in September of 2012, one of the co-leaders asked the group if any of us wanted to head UMBC’s first Women’s Health Expo. Without thinking about it, I said yes and thus began my activism.

To me, activism means making people aware of a certain topic or problem. Personally, I don’t care enough about my body and health as I should. I don’t think I know enough about my body and health either. If I don’t care or know, then I don’t doubt that there are some people out there who face the same problem I do. I found an event like this ideal to learn more about myself as well as what I can do to better my body or what I can pay more attention to.

Here is a DIY guide on how you can host your own Women’s Health Expo:

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Shining a light on human trafficking

I had no clue which project to take on for this class.  I wasn’t particularly passionate about any one topic which prevented me from finding an activist project.  Luckily for me, the staff at Susquehanna Hall decided to take on a social change project for the semester.  Later named P.A.T.H. (People Against the Trafficking of Humans), the project had the goal to raise awareness of human trafficking.  Collectively we wanted the residents of Susquehanna to not only learn about the issue but to also partake in helping survivors.

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