There’s Always Time For Queer Punks!


queer punk

For my activist history project, I conducted a very brief over view of some of my favorite queer punk bands. I used the lens of J. Jack Halberstam’s Queer time and space in order to look at what a non-heteronormative life cycle makes space for: queer spaces, to be exact. Queer time is basically the refusal of normative, heterosexual life, and instead of the stages that people go through in a heterosexual life cycle, (like get married, have 2.5 children, raise children, grow up in suburbia, do it all over again with their children), queer ┬átime allows for non- normative growth for non normative individuals. When queer time creates space for queer and feminist art to bloom, activism is cultivated. Art as a form of activism is vital for queer activists, as much of the narrative of our lives can be contextualized and conveyed through music.

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