Animal Shelter Roses

shelterIn high school, I had always dreamed of becoming a small animal veterinarian. I interned half the school day at one animal hospital and worked after school at another hospital. I lived in Hereford, Maryland, a very small town in northern Baltimore county. It was a rural area, but there was still a major problem with an over population of stray cats and dogs. Continue reading

It’s not JUST a joke…

A friend of mine recently approached me; he had a “secret confession” to make. He told me about a time we had hung out together months ago. Apparently he had made a rape joke to a group of our friends, and I had immediately retorted, “Rape is not objectively funny.” We engaged in a 25 minute debate in which I confidently explained why I felt rape was not objectively funny, and concluded that the only way to counter rape jokes, and preserve whatever sensitivities we had left, was to voice your abhorrence for them upon hearing them.

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Nervous and trembling—a naked mass of high school Miss Understood—I made my entrance into the Vagina Monologues.

I didn’t know what to expect, I only knew it was important to me, where nothing else at MICA had been. Where someone like my mom or my AP Lit teacher or my best friend would have pushed me into auditioning, it was only my motivation propelling me in front of all those judging, critical MICA eyes. I was utterly destabilized by my shyness at MICA.

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Let’s Save the Environment, One Bottle at a Time!

Growing up I always preferred to be outdoors rather than stuck inside. I was passionate about playing in the mud and learning about the plants and animals I saw around me. Although I have since become more comfortable in front of a computer screen than digging for worms in my grandmother’s garden, my love for the environment has not decreased. Continue reading