I started a blog!

I started a blog!

Hello people of the world and beyond! My name is Amy Cruz, new Gender+Women’s Studies Major! I want to tell you about my Activist project for the wonderful class, Feminist Activism. Here’s some background: I have anxiety and depression. It is hard to me to speak out or speak up, let alone get out of bed sometimes. Taking part in Activism is hard for me.

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UMBC Gender Inclusive Housing

When we first started this project, we knew very little about UMBC’s Gender Inclusive housing option. The information available on it was scarce and outdated. In addition, both our individual experiences and the experiences we’d heard about from others who had applied for Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) in the past made us concerned for the situation. We’d heard that RAs and those in Living Learning Communities were not allowed to participate in Gender Inclusive Housing. We experienced being assigned an apartment instead of getting to choose where we live like those in standard housing. We were told that someone’s Gender Inclusive Housing application was denied. It seemed to us as though many aspects of the Gender Inclusive housing process were at best, inconvenient, and at worst, outright discriminatory. Continue reading

When No One Is Looking

When No One Is Looking

WNOIL is about unrestrained expression. It is intended to give a voice to an issue that is silently felt and shared amongst women. Today we live in a culture that objectifies and sexualizes women daily. One main symptom of the internalization of these attitudes is self-monitoring. To put it simply, because we are taught that our bodies are objects to be viewed and consumed, women are often caught in the daily struggle of ensuring that the way we look, walk, talk, smell, eat or even sit is “up to par” with the expectations of others. Often we can be limited in what we do by the fear of judgment and criticism. Because of this WNOIL has been created. It is a safe space to showcase our talent, skill, passion. Our uniqueness. It is a space to be who we are When No One is Looking. Continue reading

There’s Always Time For Queer Punks!


queer punk

For my activist history project, I conducted a very brief over view of some of my favorite queer punk bands. I used the lens of J. Jack Halberstam’s Queer time and space in order to look at what a non-heteronormative life cycle makes space for: queer spaces, to be exact. Queer time is basically the refusal of normative, heterosexual life, and instead of the stages that people go through in a heterosexual life cycle, (like get married, have 2.5 children, raise children, grow up in suburbia, do it all over again with their children), queer  time allows for non- normative growth for non normative individuals. When queer time creates space for queer and feminist art to bloom, activism is cultivated. Art as a form of activism is vital for queer activists, as much of the narrative of our lives can be contextualized and conveyed through music.

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Missing! Have you seen us?

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Upon the one year anniversary of the Baltimore Uprising and the murder of Freddie Gray, I noticed something very big missing from activism in the city, something that was there and prominent this time last year— Continue reading

Owned by Facebook

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—–> Owned by Facebook Video Link <—–

For my activist project this semester, I decided to focus on issues with cyberbullying, catfishing, and online privacy. I had heard of these issues before and was familiar with some of them; however, it was not until February of 2016 that I knew that this is what I want to do my project on.

I had received a text message in February from a friend of mine, saying that he had gotten a friend request from a girl by the name of Sarah Mills, but the profile picture of the account, was of me. Confused and worried, I quickly looked up the account and panicked as soon as I found it. She was not only using a picture of me as her profile picture, but she had also managed to find several other pictures of me and post them on her page as well. Continue reading