Volunteering at MS Swim– Where’s the Activism??

Volunteering at MS Swim– Where’s the Activism??

Starting off at MS Swim, I genuinely did not think of it as a form of activism. I have volunteered routinely at various organizations since I was 14, and it has just become a way of life for me. However after going through this course, Studies in Feminist Activism, I have come to understand the true activism that takes place through volunteer work.

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For my activist project I decided to get involved in Service Learning. One of the most important questions I had to answer for the rest of the class was whether Service Learning was a true form of activism. Activism is defined by the ability to accomplish social or political change. Well, many people may think that doing Service Learning is not a form of activism because one may not be actually achieving a goal in order to change society. However, I believe that my work this semester was extremely influential and positive for the community and for myself. Continue reading