Power Inside and the WINDOW Study

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Jacqueline Robarge, founder of Power Inside

Power Inside is a Baltimore organization that was founded by Jacqueline Robarge in May, 2001. Its original concept was a self-esteem group for about 50 women in the Baltimore City Detention Center, but Robarge had bigger ideas. She wanted to bring practices of harm reduction — the minimizing of harmful consequences of various behaviors and situations — to these women. Continue reading

“You Are Beautiful”

The “You Are Beautiful” initiative was a success! We were able to empower five women  in recovery from substance use, by using a person- centered approach. The ” You Are Beautiful” initiative was composed of five participants and five volunteer mentors. Each participant was assigned a mentor, who had shared experiences, and was able to dedicate a mass amount of time to them individually. We utilized both one on one and group methods to empower woman while showing an immense amount of love through hugs, meditation, song, and the use of positive language. Continue reading